Things do not change; I change.

—Henry David Thoreau


Which Treatment Program Is The Right One?

Once the assessment is complete, we work with the parents and teenagers to develop either a Home Plan or an Away Plan, depending on needs of the family. In some cases, both plans are considered.

Home Plan

Whenever possible, we strive to enable an adolescent to get back on track while still living at home. We assist the parents and adolescent in setting up new supports and structures.

Often these include:

  • Academic tutoring
  • Coaching or mentoring
  • Individual therapy for family members
  • Issue-specific group therapy (adoption, eating disorders, etc.)
  • Drug testing
  • Outpatient substance abuse recovery program
  • Parent support
  • Family therapy
  • Behavioral agreements
  • Crisis plan

If the adolescent is unable or unwilling to benefit from the support network implemented in the Home Plan, or is behaving in ways that are dangerous to him/herself or to others, then we will suggest implementing an Away Plan.

Away Plan

When the comprehensive assessment is complete, it sometimes becomes clear that the adolescent would benefit most spending a period of time in a new academic and social environment.

In these instances, we educate the parents about the spectrum of available residential schools and programs, guide the family to the appropriate level of care, and recommend several excellent programs based on personal experience. We frequently visit and evaluate special needs and therapeutic schools and programs across the country. We have intimate knowledge of programs’ educational and therapeutic curriculum, and have built relationships with the best adolescent treatment specialists at the programs.

Unfortunately, many programs appear professionally sound but are actually substandard. The internet can be especially misleading. We work with the highest caliber programs. We stay current with program and personnel changes that might affect the quality of care within a given program. We draw upon my expertise as both an educational consultant and psychotherapist to make recommendations.


ITS provides teens and families with a well thought out Transition Plan. This step-down plan helps teens transfer their gains—insights and accountability—to the next setting.

Aftercare Plan

We are committed to helping families develop Aftercare Plans for teens coming home from residential care. Top quality programs open the adolescent to extraordinary growth and change. We help families design and implement aftercare plans and teens apply their new skills and emotional growth. We maintain solid relationships with local treatment specialists with these goals in mind. Please don’t hesitate to ask about any of these additional services.




Solutions and Support for At-Risk Teens and Their Families
David R. Heckenlively, MS, MFT
CEO and Therapeutic Consultant