ITS takes a family systems and comprehensive approach to assessing each teenager’s strengths and weaknesses. We coach families through programs that help the family, and not just the teenager.


Introduction to the ITS Process for Helping Teens and Families

We invite you to peruse this website and then contact us by phone or email. We would like to know some of the particulars about your teenager’s situation, and within a 10- or 15-minute free consultation, we can let you know how our services might benefit you.

Our process for helping families involves four overlapping stages:

  1. Assessment
    Working with the family to develop a comprehensive understanding of the teenager’s situation is the foundation for the planning phase.

  2. Planning
    Utilizing information and details gathered during the assessment to develop the best program to support the teenager’s needs and individual situation.

  3. Treatment
    After we’ve selected the best options for your teen at risk, we carefully choose a program—Home, Away, and Aftercare Programs—that is right for your child’s circumstances.

  4. Support
    At ITS, we maintain a strong network of caring and sharing families. These families have walked the same road that you are walking today. From day one, your entire family will have access to our team and our extended support groups and network.




Solutions and Support for At-Risk Teens and Their Families
David R. Heckenlively, MS, MFT
CEO and Therapeutic Consultant